“…the buzzing menace that lies beneath their songs makes them a good fit to tackle the enigmatic mutant-rock of Clinic. Their minimalist cover of Walking With Thee‘s title track flattens the nervous energy bursting from the original into an uneasy, icy dirge, replacing the fuzzy organ with a brittle, narcotized skeleton of thrumming synth and drum programming.”
“Programm… leave a strong artistic impression
and plant a promising flag in this brave new world
of post-everything sounds”
“A pulsating, bass-heavy, minimalist production, Programm’s cover {of Clinic’s “Walking With Thee”} is pervasive, dark, and chilling.”
The A.V. Club
“The two styles straddled by Toronto band Programm — post-punk and shoegaze — are both genres defined by their distinct guitar tones. Yet it’s the competition of percussion, both live and programmed, that comes to define the quartet’s dark, slightly industrial debut single, “Like the Sun.”
“Blending elements of krautrock, shoegaze and electronic, the four-piece create sweeping soundscapes from lush, reverb-laden guitar riffs, pulsating synths and drum machines and singer/bassist Jackie Game’s soothing vocals.”

“…it’s not hard to tell this band loves to create and deliver
music in a creative way, with atmospheric song and sensual,
edgy music videos… The EP is very imaginative, inspirational
and artistic, creating a sound that is very clever.”
Lithium Magazine
“It seems odd to think of summer, like a faded dream long forgotten after this long winter hibernation, but the debut by Toronto’s Programm reminds me that it’s just around the corner.”
Silent Shout
“Programm have truly something ineffable and new to offer the music scene at large. Their sound, as heard on debut single “Like The Sun”, ranges somewhere from shoegaze with personality to electronic with an abundance of both melody and organic expression.”

“Programm is a Toronto-based quartet that dishes up the recommended daily allowance of dolorous vocals and reverb washes, but with welcome glimmers of cheer…Instead of collapsing under the weight of employing multiple multi-instrumentalists at once, Programm’s fierce synergy invigorates every track. Like the Sun predictably claws at us with chewed black fingernails, only to engage in an unexpected embrace.”
The OWL Mag